How can I get people interested in finding out more about my network marketing company?

I want to build my business and I’m looking for good ways to get in contact with people who might be interested in learning more about it.

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  1. Cox Network & PC Services says:

    Whoever sponsored you can answer this for you. If they can’t help you very much then go up your line of sponsorship/support until you find someone who can. They should be working with you and training you.
    Also, please be aware that while many network marketing opportunities are worthwhile spending your time on, there are far more that you can waste your time and money on. Please be wise and check things out before you get too involved.

  2. ravencracks says:

    here. making blogs.

  3. chapiejd says:

    Do something illegal so that it will be in the news. Heck, free advertising.

  4. sclooney71 says:

    Not on Yahoo Answers that is for sure…People will wreck and report you….I wont but someone will. Go ahead and contact me

  5. mattrunltd says:

    Add some good porn links……

  6. MattyW says:

    Start with the warm list as usual. Once you have used it up (with luck you will be coached by a person who will not allow that to happen), buy leads. If your product or service is real and valid, you should be able to find great lists that match-up with your product. Believe it or not you can buy quality hot lead lists. Be careful to source them well. To find the best ones, subscribe to network marketing help sites like brilliant marketing and others that have lots of tips and tricks to enable marketers to build a network the right way, without embarrassing themselves or their friends and family.
    Place ads in local papers and on local radio. Radio is not as expensive as you might think. If you have the budget, go for drive time to hit commuters. To save money and experiment, try mid-morning and mid-afternoon to hit stay-at-home adults who may be able to handle the business by phone. Go to to try TV local ads too. Some of the biggest mlm execs have started using radio and local TV.

    There is a correct way to do this and precious few network marketing newbies know how… that is why those help sites are so valuable, as are the books and CDs that show you how. Also don’t try to learn this all on your own. Go upstream and find an expert who is a good match with your personality and style. If you can find nobody in the organization that is such a match, then you have probably selected a bad match for you, and should look for another company with which to affiliate. Direct selling is not bad, it is just done badly by most people. That is also your advantage— if you do it right you will be rewarded.

  7. unattachedfreegirl says:

    call 240-529-6786 this guy can help you, he has helped me…

    he refered me to the following source for responsive mailing lists and email lists…. it is the best AND cheapest I have ever used…

    visit Be Sure to Use Dept Code 5491 when you order … good lists are hard to come by this one actually works.

    Again call Ken at 240-529-6786 if you really want to succeed. In cases he will help for FREE

  8. BuddyGuru says:

    Start a Podcast

  9. TradeMark Express says:

    Have you thought about pay per click programs? The two biggest, I think, are Yahoo! and Google

    A few free resources – check out the sources box for links:

    1) Create a blog pertaining to your field

    2) Use Yahoo! Local & Yahoo! Groups – Be sure to read the TOS for each one!

    3) Write articles pertaining to your field and/or expertise.

    4) Advertise on Craiglist

    Also, consider signing up for an affiliate program. These programs enable you to advertise on other’s sites (your affiliates) and once a sale is made to you, your affiliates & the program are paid a commission.

    I listed a few handy sites & articles relating to marketing, promotion & advertising. Here are some book titles that are relevant:

    * The Complete Idiot’s Guide ® to Marketing Basics by Sarah White
    * The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries, Jack Trout
    * Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World’s Best Campaigns by Mario Pricken
    * Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide: Over 1500 Great Marketing Tricks That Will Drive Your Business Through the Roof by James Stephenson
    * 301 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Ideas: From America’s Most Innovative Small Companies by Sam Decker

    Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

  10. Daniel Cassidy says:

    I am associated with thousands of networking professionals that may also be interested in your product or business idea.

    You are invited to place a free profile on our website. Many serious entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to view the contact and business information you display on your profile.

    Getting your ad seen by others is what business is all about.

    Join For Free & Advertise For Free.
    Grow your income with professional relationships and contacts.

    You might also want to try and buy some network marketing geneaology lists. These are thousands of people that are already involved in network marketing who understand the business so they will be more responsive to you about your opportunity.

    It is best to recruit people who know the business and have the skills to build a large organization very quickly. This is more effective than getting people involved that have no experience.

    It is better to have more quality people on your team then quantity.
    And also remember that this business is all about building relationships with people and not selling.

    If you would like more information on how to get a free website to promote your company and also earn 5 extra income streams
    visit this website and follow the simple steps on the page

    You should also try and post to forums that pertain to MLM and network marketing. You can establish trust and build relationships with people by helping them out and answering questions.

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