What Is Network Marketing? A Pyramid Scam or Legitimate Business?

www.networkersfriend.com What Is Network Marketing? Are network marketing opportunities just pyramid scams or legitimate business? My FREE ebook which you should download and save to your desktop immediately explains exactly what is network marketing. Network Marketing, for starters, provides an alternative to participating in common traditional marketing channels for many different types of products and services. It is a system of product distribution in which independent representatives can 1)Do direct selling. 2) Be their own best customers because of rep discounts, and best of all 3) Be compensated from a type of organizational “profit sharing”. Download Free ebook at the following link for more on what is network marketing: mlmnetworkmarketingleadstrategies.com Also for a great article on the subject of “Is That A Pyramid” see the following article: www.mlmnetworkmarketingleadstrategies.com

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